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  • Physical Effects of Emotion

    One cannot escape emotions as they govern our lives. Emotions contribute to every decision, act, interaction, and outcome creating experiences more complex than merely positive or negative. A game changer is: we possess emotive choice and research indicates those choices… Read More

  • Constructive Conflict

      The idea of conflict can cause anxiety to some, whereas other people seem to utilize conflict as an issue-processing strategy. Although conflict is often viewed negatively, it is not always realized with arguing or loud voices. There are various… Read More

  • Resolute Change

      Regardless of the resource you consult, “resolution” is defined as a promise, pledge, oath, or vow to change. Change of behavior is our expertise! We could publish a plethora of white papers based on collective recommendations (gleaned through research… Read More

  • Accessing our most creative selves is always desired, but for many of us emerges as an enigma. Evidently, creativity is heightened by allowing ourselves to relax and actually feel our emotions. In our qualitative profession, we are expert at the… Read More

  • Pump Up Your Personal Effectiveness

    Goal setting, pushing boundaries, and exceeding expectations are all ways people judge their productivity. Many people believe the busier they are, the more they can achieve. Research studies show that being productive does not mean you are working efficiently. By… Read More