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  • Gen Z, You and Me

    With a new generation comes new mindsets. In recent years the differences between generations, such as Millennials and Baby Boomers, shape thinking and approaches. These differences dominate the media and put Millennials and Baby Boomers at the forefront of the public’s… Read More

  • The Power of Meek

    Often the word  “meek”  has a negative connotation as  “too submissive.”  Other definitions seem slightly more positive: ” slow to anger or resentment.”   Let’s commit to another definition. A definition that can quickly remind us what is needed if our goal is to be effective with others:  … Read More

  • Virtual Etiquette

    Through social media our world can be transparent.  As our virtual world is a reflection of our personal brand, etiquette is a wise effort.

  • Sadness Allowed

    We are expected to be empathic, strong… not show emotions as it is can be interpreted by others as a sign of weakness. Affirmations inspire us to channel our sadness or anger into positivity… be happy, express joy, smile.  … Read More

  • Generationally Speaking I

    If your goal is to understand consumers today and appreciate drivers of behavior or decisions, it is imperative to understand generational tendencies.   Some universal human traits are constant: Language is a primary form of communication We identify by name and… Read More

  • Think Like a Gamer

    Unless you are living under a rock you are aware:  Times are changing… minute by minute!  Methods we use to react, process, and strategize affect the outcomes of our lives. Although ‘gaming’ as an industry has existed for decades, digital… Read More

  • Humane Conditioning

    Have you ever known a successful athlete or musician?  To witness the commitment, time, and energy one exerts to excel in an environment where practice, practice, and more practice is commonplace is inspiring.  Behaviors that create a rock star can… Read More

  • Mind Your Senses

    Ever distinguish a scent inspiring a childhood memory… or, experience a sunset and recall a vacation?  Our senses dictate our perceptions and impressions of reality.  The five senses… sight, hearing, touch, smell, and sound… collaborate to bring order and understanding to assist… Read More

  • Impulse Performance

    Impulsive lately?  New shoes, spur of the moment trip, splurge on an extravagance, speak without thinking?  We all do it! Impulsive behaviors are defined as sudden, involuntary inclinations that prompt an action.  Impulsivity is absent of the thought process that occurs… Read More

  • Owning Our Power of Influence

    Our society is highly influential… and a highly influenced society. We are fad happy trend warriors, and love every minute.  Whether we are the first to adopt a new app or wear a Fitbit to count our steps, the influence of someone… Read More