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  • Secrets of Irresistible People

    Know someone who always brightens your day, makes you smile, and has that genuinely happy, contagious attitude? This person radiates a positive attitude and somehow always makes you feel joyful and full of energy. We all know someone who possesses… Read More

  • Reconsider Conflict

    When it comes to conflict, it is easy to default to how we have reacted in the past.  Bottom line:  We approach problems similarly time after time. Of course in the heat of a conflict moment, emotions tend to run… Read More

  • Belief Sabotage

    Humbled by compliments or toss them aside as “they’re just being nice?”  Clients or boss offer congratulations, yet feel unworthy?  Core beliefs about ourselves shape our lifestyles, and decisions we make because of these beliefs significantly impact our lives.  When… Read More

  • Emotional Fitness

    Ever feel out of touch with yourself? Maybe thinking you don’t know who you are anymore? Every now and then it is common for us to lose touch with our inner selves. It is easy to get caught up in… Read More

  • Unshackle the Mind

    Thought leader?  Expert in your profession? Effective critical thinking is born with the realization that we know much less than we think we do.             “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.”   –Aristotle   If we… Read More

  • Great in Bed?

    Ever pull an all-nighter? Brain racing, too much caffeine, or perhaps other interesting events keeping you up at night?  The feeling of tiredness that accompanies a night of little or no sleep can be agonizing. We all know a good… Read More

  • The Ponder Spiral

    Think too much?   Consider every single possible avenue, approach, response, or path? We may wonder, and wonder, and wonder…   This cycle may drive us crazy when in reality, none of these thoughts are rational. Overthinking can misconstrue circumstances, cause unnecessary… Read More

  • Change Agent

    We often hear change is beneficial.  We might never experience new things if we did not allow for change.  Small changes: no sweat, but, greater changes such as starting a new job, moving across the country, or importantly losing someone we… Read More

  • Virtual Etiquette

    Through social media our world can be transparent.  As our virtual world is a reflection of our personal brand, etiquette is a wise effort.

  • Esteem Investment

    There are an abundance of experiences that contribute to the shaping of one’s self-esteem:  childhood development, environments, opportunities, circumstances, and importantly, our innate ability to value and appreciate our own worthiness. According to Dr. E. Paul Torrence:     “Self-esteem, high or low,… Read More