• It’s Good to Be Good

    Volunteering and giving back, whether time, money, or tangible items, is often seen as a way to benefit those less fortunate.  Our goal is to improve the plight of others’ lives through generous gestures. Studies now suggest that one of… Read More

  • Your Brain on Food

    Food (along with water, rest, and warmth in Maslow’s Hierarchy), is a necessity for survival. We are conditioned to learn the importance of food from birth. Throughout our lives we learn about vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats – the… Read More

  • Embracing Vacation

    Summer is here!  Long days… and, of course, vacation! We look forward to summer vacation to relax, unplug, and simply enjoy ourselves.  Research shows how important vacation time is mentally, as well as emotionally and physically. Vacation provides the opportunity… Read More

  • Good For You Blues

    Anthology:   Guilt Allowed    |  Benefit From Envy    |   The Creative Process Good For You Blues Experiencing the blues?  No one enjoys the feeling of melancholy. Often, when we experience negative emotions, they influence all aspects of our life. Work,… Read More

  • Productive Stress

    Stress! It beats us down, or propels us to another plain. A well-known phenomenon we all experience, stress, likely on a daily basis, can be healthy. Anxiety or stress affects our mood, but we are the ones in control even though it may… Read More

  • Gut Wrenching

    Think: Quick! Our heart begins to race, palms moisten, and the mind tosses about options at an epic speed. With time counting down, the decision must be made: instinct or logic. These are familiar situations for all of us, be… Read More

  • Marketing Sense

    Ever walk into a place instantly feeling in a better mood?  Or, suddenly feel somber because the surroundings are dark and cold? Human senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste) shape our feelings, and ultimately our decisions. A complex biological… Read More

  • Emotive Competence

    Who do we call when we need advice?  Experience has proven to us this person will make it better.  Whether knowing the right thing to do, giving great advice, offering comforting words, or just listening so we can process the… Read More

  • Gender Wars

    Ever disagree with your significant other subsequent to the exact same experience?  Mysteries of gender difference continue to perplex even the most astute behavior experts.  Mars and Venus, yes, gender wiring is unique! This difference in processing, perceiving, and thinking… Read More

  • Happiness Supreme

    Dr. Martin Seligman, the pioneer of positive psychology, coined that theme in 1998 when he was president of the American Psychological Association. Positive psychology is the branch of psychology that uses scientific understanding and effective intervention to aid in the achievement of a… Read More